Friday, September 2, 2011

Reunion in Stockholm

I studied abroad through the ISEP program several years ago and met some amazing people, who now have reunions in different countries every year. I haven't been able to attend all the meetings, but I did get to go to this year's meeting since it was in Sweden. I hadn't seen some of the guys in 6 years, crazy! I have to say studying abroad has been one of the best experiences in my life and I think every university student should give it a shot :) I made lifelong friends and got a new perspective in life. There were obviously some not so great experiences as well (like my first roommate, a German girl, hated my guts haha), but I wouldn't be the open-minded, social person I am today, if I had not ventured to live abroad.

I love reunions, and was very bummed that I missed my elementary school reunion in Finland two years ago. I was also bummed my husband missed his high school reunion last summer, since we moved to Finland. I think I was more bummed than my husband :D I would've loved to see the people he went to high school with! I'm so glad that Facebook exists and I've been able to reconnect with a bunch of people that I have met through the years.

Here are some photos from our Stockholm Reunion:

I flew to Stockholm-Arlanda with Norwegian airlines and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Their seats even had seat pockets, take that Ryanair! :D

Huge plate of yummy vegetarian food :)

Tasty, but expensive drinks at the Vampire Lounge

Tranquility of the Stockholm cemetery

p.s off topic, but someone should change my paypal password and not tell me. I've been doing way too much online shopping lately :)


Annina said...

Vähän siistiä kun teillä on tuollaisia reunioneita opiskelijakavereiden kesken :). Joskus tuntuu, että Suomessa ihan normi luokkakokouksien järjestäminen tai ylipäänsä porukan paikalle saaminen on melkosta säätämistä.

Hui meilläki on tulossa ensikokemus Norwegiania ens viikolla siellä Suomen maassa :).

Sugar said...

Reunionit on kylla ihan huippuja! Olen tosi iloinen, etta tama vaihto-opiskelijaporukka on jaksanut pitaa yhteyksia ja jarjestaa tapaamisia joka vuosi. Olet kylla aivan oikeassa tuosta luokkakokouksien jarjestamisesta Suomessa. Meidan yla-aste tapaamisesta ei tullut koskaan mitaan ja lukioluokkien kanssa ollaan tavattu tasan kerran. Sen takia tuo ala-aste tapaamisen valiin jaaminen olikin niin tylsa juttu :(

Olettekos te tulossa Suomeen?Pitkaksikin aikaa? Tervetuloa ja hyvaa matkaa! :)