Monday, August 29, 2011

See you later checkbook!

Anyone who has lived in the U.S knows how you still have to (mostly) pay your bills with paper checks. At first it's super exciting to have your own checkbook; you can choose the patters (i.e Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty hehee) and can buy a lovely pink leather checkbook covers. The first two months you might be slightly nervous, maybe even excited to write a check. After the honeymoon period, writing checks just becomes boring and sometimes even annoying :) You write the same checks every month for rent etc. You might even get paid with a check and have to deposit it at the bank or by mail. Luckily the place where I worked had direct deposit, so the money went straight into my account. I also had online bill pay, but for example our landlord and the gas company required paper checks. Some people still pay with a check at the grocery store and obviously it's always someone ahead of you when you're in a horrible rush :) You have to wait and watch them write their checks and with some people it takes ages (you have to spell out each number on the check).

Anyways, my bank, Wells Fargo, emailed me the other week that they will start charging $7 a month for my checking account. Since I'm not currently in the U.S I figured it was pointless to start paying for the account. So I bid farewell to Wells Fargo and to my trusty old checkbook. Can't say I will miss you :)

Details have been deleted to protect the innocent :)

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