Monday, August 8, 2011

An eventful Monday - work, passports, hairstyle :)

So today was a day full of exciting things. First, my husband had his first day at work. Then, the lil man and I headed to the police station to apply for new passports and then, I had my hair styled :-) Lil man and I also went to the mall and got some fresh fruits to make a yummy smoothies (peach-nectarines, bananas, green apples and avocado).

The most exciting news were without a doubt my husbands first day at work. I'm happy to say he loved it. The work seems exactly what he wanted and his co-workers seemed nice. He also has some nice benefits and they pay isn't half-bad. Now he just has to do well during his probationary period and he has a permanent position :) The only suck-y thing about this job is that we're not 100% sure if we can have our second wedding in December in the U.S. It depends on whether my husband gets unpaid leave or not and it's way too soon to be asking that kind of favors at work.

While the hubby was hard at work, lil man and I went to apply for the new passports. When we got married, we decided it was better for all of us to have the same last name. I wasn't really all that attached to mine and my husband had family reasons in keeping his, so we chose his last name. The only thing I was worried about was that my name no longer sounds Finnish at all. I have such an international first name, that you can't tell from my name I'm Finnish. I know it sounds silly, but I feel like a part of me being Finnish is gone. I'm often told I don't sound very Finnish (whatever that means), but I'm really proud to be a Finn! Well, I still accidentally use my old last name all the time, but I'm slowly getting use to the new 'Merican last name. It's not that bad ;)

What is bad is how much passports and especially passport photos cost :D Couldn't exactly go to the photo booth with the lil man, so we had to go to a store to take our. And it was 19 euros per person! Holy crap! All together these passports cost us 144 euros. We still have to go to the U.S embassy and get the lil man a new U.S passport, and that'll be even more expensive. U.S sized photos 29e and then U.S passport for a minor 78.75e. And that was only for the passports, then there's driver's licenses etc. Name change don't come cheap!

Last, but not least: a new hairstyle. I've been a blonde for most of my life and I can't say I'm very particular about how my hair looks. I like it long/shoulder length and I curl it sometimes, but that's about it. I just usually let my hairdresser decide whatever he thinks is best. This time he decided to add dark highlights and I have to say my hair looks drastically different! I'm not yet sure what I think about it, it looks fine I guess. It'll probably take some time to get used to, but a change is a good thing :)

I don't have any approriate photos to add to this entry, so I'm going to just attach two photos that our lil man took of himself :) Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Quite the little artist, eh? ;)

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