Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Senior pics

This blog is mostly about observations (I hope!), but I guess you could categorize this as a lifestyle blog. I haven't really posted a whole lot of recognizable photos of us, but I might change that at some point. Anyways, my husband gave me permission to post a photo of him :) It's one of his senior pics from a couple years ago.

My gorgeous husband :)

I had never seen this particular senior pic until last week, when my sister-in-law came across it online and sent us the link. It was as one of the photographer's example photos on a website. As you can see, I'm one lucky girl ;), but also how different high school senior photos are in the U.S compared to the Finnish ylioppilas-kuva (high school graduation photo). I've seen plenty of them, since my sister-in-law has a studio and takes a lot of them each year. Finnish ones (at least most of them) are pretty formal and we usually wear the graduation hat. U.S ones are pretty informal, and often include hobbies or pets etc. Lately I've also seen some more relaxed Finnish ones that have been taken outside the studio environment. I think that's a great development! I'm not a big fan of my overly formal studio photo, but I love this one of my husband!

p.s I love Glee! But I just watched first episode of season 3 and I have to say I was a bit bummed out:( I loved Rachel and Kurt, but I was soooo disappointed in Quinn's new persona... perhaps it'll get better. Seasons 1 and 2 were so great, maybe my expectations are too high.

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