Monday, September 12, 2011

Bachelorette party!

I love everything about weddings and one of the funnest parts of getting married is having a bachelorette party! My friend is getting married in a couple of weeks, so we had one for her last week.

We surprised the bride-to-be by showing up at her place in the morning with all sorts of yummy foods and desserts. The theme for the bachelorette party was the 80s, so we also did her hair in the true 80s fashion and had gotten her some colorful 80s gears. One of her friends had even made her cute legwarmers just for the occasion! We didn't tell her what was going to happen, so I think she was a little nervous about what we had come up with :D But luckily for the bride-to-be, we had been supernice and planned things that we knew she'd like to do. We took her to a beauty salon to get pampered and the beautician also created her an 80s eye make up.

Waiting for the bride-to-be at Heineken Style Nuggets

Then we took her to the park and did the rest of the make up. She really looked for the part! We also gave her a notebook where she was supposed to gather marriage advice from passersby and she was actually really successful in filling the book!

After that we took her to Stockmann's where she got to record a song of her choice in the Stockmann's studio. We had given her a selection of the songs in the morning so she had some time to decide which song she she was going to sing, although she didn't know where or when she'd have to sing it :) She was soooo relieved when she found out she didn't have to sing it to an audience, but instead got a cd to take home to her husband-to-be :)

Then we took her to have some pre-dinner drinks and had an amazing dinner at Virgin Oil!

Drinks at Cantina West

Yummy foods at Virgin Oil

After dinner we had some more drinks, went dancing and ended the night by going to a concert at a club. I think the bachelorette party was a success! :)

Bachelorette parties in Finland are a wee bit different than in the U.S. I think the biggest difference is that in Finland the party is often themed and the bride-to-be dressed in a costume and doing different tasks. In the U.S it's less of a costume party and more of a drinking party :) In Finland the theme might sometimes be even a bit embarrassing, but it depends on the bride. I've seen pretty embarrassing outfits on U.S brides-to-be's too! :)

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