Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Confessions of an online-shopaholic, pt I

My paypal password hasn't been changed and the shopping continues. I'm assuming everyone has already deducted that I'm an online-shopaholic. It's true. I never used to be until I moved to the Midwest where I wasn't necessarily near any mall or any store bigger than Walgreens/Alepa. Amazon and eBay are my worst addictions. But while in the U.S I was also hooked on Sephora, 6pm (supercheap brand clothes) and believe it or not; Walmart.com. Actually, I confess, I love/hate Walmart. The stores have almost everything at an affordable price and they're usually open 24hrs. Walmart.com is super convenient and you can have them ship for free to a store near you. Then again, Walmart treats their employees horribly according to several reports and the stores themselves are full on weird/scary/pathetic people (check www.peopleofwalmart.com it's rather accurate). My husband absolutely hates going to Walmart, but does it anyways, since they have everything. I've also ordered from dozens of other places like Clinique.com, Biotherm.com, Target.com, Diapers.com...

When we moved to Finland I had to give up on this addiction until I rediscovered eBay and discovered that Amazon.co.uk ships free to Finland if you buy over £25 (selected items). I didn't quite give up on Amazon.com though; I sometimes order stuff to my mother-in-law's address and she's a sweetheart and mails them to me :)

I've been craving for a grey colored Guess clutch for a while and today I ordered one from 6pm for quite the nice price too, $27 for this is not too much:

The matching satchel is on sale at Macy's right now...I'm a little tempted... ;)


Katz NYC said...

I looove Amazon and get everything from them. It's just so easy to put any word in the searchbox and amazon will get it for you. One click check out, free, fast shipping and boom; you're done. Mostly I order health stuff like supplements, superfood and protein powders, stuff for the house, cosmetics, beads for jewelry making and ok, this list could go on forever. Today I was planning on purchasing a tripod for my camera.

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm recovering from Fashion's Night Out last night and going to take it easy today... Keeping it domestic.

Sugar said...

I absolutely share your love for Amazon :) I used to order foods from Amazon as well. Especially organic baby foods, since they were hard to come-by in the Midwest.

Hope you had an amazing stay-at-home weekend, those are sometimes the best ones :)