Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fall tv shows

Fall is almost here! Tv-wise at least. I never used to watch this much tv, but since I'm still having issues with my back, I have a lot of time on my hands. Here's what I'm planning on watching this fall.

Returning shows
most of which I've introduced before:

Hart of Dixie, my current favorite, returns for season 2 on October 2nd (Tuesday) on CW and I couldn't be more excited! 

Bones, one of my long time favorites, is returning for season 8 on September 17th (Monday) on Fox. I was not too impressed with season 7, but here's to hoping season 8 will be better!

Castle is returning for season 5 on September 24th (Monday) on ABC. Season 5 should be interesting, since at the end of season 4, we saw Castle and Beckett take their relationship to a whole new level. Let's hope the writers can keep it interesting!

Glee is returning for season 4 on September 13th (Thursday) on Fox. I'm super-excited for Glee's new season, since the kids (well, some of them) are heading to college!

NCIS, also another of my long time favorites, returns for season 10 (!) on September 25th (Tuesday) on NBC. Who doesn't like NCIS? :)

Once Upon a Time returns for season 2 on September 30th (Sunday) on ABC. I'm really curious how the season 2 will turn out as, since, if I understood correctly, the characters will now realize who they really are.

Revenge returns for season 2 on September 30th (Sunday) also on ABC. Revenge is my guilty pleasure, I hope season 2 will be as surprising as season 1!

I didn't really watch The Mentalist last season, but the new season seems to interest me again, possibly due to lack of interesting new shows. The Mentalist returns for season 5 on September 30th (Sunday) on CBS.

New Shows

I have to say I was not too impressed with the new fall shows, but here are some that I plan on at least giving a chance :)

Elementary premieres on Tuesday September 25th on CBS. I'm really curious how this modern version of Sherlock will turn out. I like Lucy Liu and the reviews have been in general quite positive, so I have high hopes!

666 Park Avenue premieres on Sunday September 30th on ABC. "The series follows a couple who learns that the Manhattan building complex that they just moved into, including its upscale tenants, might be possessed by a mysterious demonic force."  I was too scared to watch American Horror Story, but perhaps this won't be as scary :)

photos from Facebook

Emily Owens, M.D premieres Tuesday October 16th on CW. This might surprise me, or it might just be another CW show that won't interest me for very long. We'll see!

What do you think of my fall tv show line-up? Have you had a chance to look at the new shows? What do you think about them and is there something you think is worth looking into?


Vera Vala said...

Heippa! Panetko minulle emailia ja osoitteen, johon voin lähettää sinulle voittamasi kipaleen Kuolemaa sypressin varjossa :)

Sugar said...

Jipii! Kiitoksia :)

Marika said...

Once Upon a Time kuulostaa kyllä hyvältä. Pakko hieman katsella ykköskautta. Onpahan jotain katseltavaa ennen kuin uudet jaksot alkavat noista sarjoista! Ihan loistava lista sinulla muutenkin. :)

Sugar said...

Once Upon kannattaa ehdottomasti katsastaa! Itsekin mietin, etta katsoisin uudelleen joitain ykkoskausien jaksoja ja tietenkin kaikista sarjoista edelliset season finalet, etta muistan mita tapahtui :) Kiitoksia samoin, tykkasin sinunkin listasti!

Leena said...

CSI ja Mark Harmon.....winning combination. Tähän sarjaan olen jäänyt koukkuun - mutta ehkä se johtuu hyvin säilyneestä Markista !
Kiva postaus !

Sugar said...

Leena, kiitoksia kommentista! Minulla on myos ollut jo pitkaan "celebrity crush" Mark Harmoniin, han on jotenkin niin charmantti! :)

jersey_girl said...

Nashville alkaa ABC:lla ja se näyttää mielenkiintoiselta,

Sugar said...

Kiitoksia vinkista, taytyykin katsastaa heti tuo Nashvillen promo :)