Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthday presents

I had a birthday a few weeks back, my 21st for a few years already ;) I don't like being the center of attention and didn't organize any big festivities, we just had my family over and ate yummy foods. Perhaps one of these days we'll have a joint birthday party with the hubby later in the fall.

I told everyone not to buy me anything, but they had not listened and I got some wonderful birthday presents! Husband got me a teach-yourself-Spanish book, which I had had my eyes on for a while now. My Mom had asked if I wanted a gift card to a facial, a pedicure or to a clothing store and I chose a pedicure. I love pedicures, I can do my own nails just fine, but nothing beats getting your feet pampered. Someone once told me that we will be standing on our feet majority of our lives and should take very good care of them.

My mom had also framed one of my touristy papyri, now I'll just have to figure out a place for this :)

My friends had gotten me some pretty sweet treats: cosmetics and candy, they know me so well! I also got a few packages from Nebraska, from my mother- and sister-in-law. Husband's grandparents had deposited money to our American account, what a nice surprise! 

Cookbook, napkins and rings from my mother-in-law

And nailstuffs from Sephora from my sister-in-law. 
My brother and his wife got me a box of Leonidas chocolates, yummy!

and in case you were curious what was in the pretty Sephora case:

more nailstuffs!

And of course I had to get myself a little something with the money I got from my grandpa and here's what I got:

A pretty ballerina jewelry box that plays Fur Elise :)

I had been looking for a grown up version of the musical boxes little girls often have and was really happy to find this one. It has enough space for a bunch of jewelry and there are three mirrors: one on the lid, and two in the side cabinets. I ordered it from and I'm very happy with it!

All in all I had a good birthday, don't mind at all being a year older :)


Sofia said...

Oi mitä ihanuuksia! Onnea, Onnea näin jälkikäteen!

Katri said...

Kovasti syntymäpäiväonnea!

Kiva, että meitä ikuisesti 21-vuoden juhlistajia löytyy muitakin! :D

Sugar said...

Kiitoksia onnitteluista!
Jep, vuodet vaan kuluu, mutta me emme vanhene :)