Thursday, September 20, 2012


I went shoe-shopping the other week, since I wanted something more professional than my trusty old Converse volitant skater shoes. I'm a business graduate student now after all! ;)

I always have trouble finding the right kind of shoes for myself and every time I get a new pair I end up with blisters. Needless to say shoe shopping is challenging and I rarely find a pair that seems comfortable.

I got some birthday money from my grandpa and went to the local shoe store. The first pair I tried was Rieker Antistress Louise and I loved them! Their 70e price tag was a bit too much for me though, so I ended up buying Jana Classic heels. They were also comfortable, but more reasonably priced, 40e.

The shoes in the catalog and real life.

I got home and I was still thinking about those Rieker shoes so I checked and found them for 50e (shipping included). I figured this was a sign I should get them and went ahead and ordered a pair. They were as I remembered, super-comfortable and nice looking too.

The color of the shoes is more realistic in the catalog photo

I couldn't get over how comfortable the Rieker Louise shoes were, so I checked some more shoes from the brand online. I found a pair of Rieker Mirjam (49757) mary janes for 20e from and ordered them too.

Rieker Mirjam in white-grey

I normally don't order shoes online without trying them on at a store first, but I figured since it was the same brand the size was probably similar, and it was. These shoes are also super comfortable and pretty to boot! The heel could've been a tad higher, but other than that I love them.

After I got these shoes, I decided I should get winter boots from Rieker too, it seems I got some sort of Rieker fever haha. So here are my brand new Rieker Anna boots, I ordered them from, since I had a coupon there and they cost me 55e (without coupon 65e). This was my first time ordering from Zalando, and although it took a bit longer for the shoes to arrive than expected, everything went well.

What do you think of the shoes I bought? 
Do you usually shop for shoes online?


Katri said...

oh! They are gorgeous! I have never dared to buy shoes online, I feel like I need to test them out before I buy them, but then again.. I'm sure I could return them if they didn't feel right on.

Riina said...

Mä tykkään Riekerin kengistä, ne ovat paitsi hyvännäköisiä, yleensä myös huippumukavia jalassa! Ja tosiaan, kun merkki on tuttu, niin yleensä jopa kengän kokokin menee oikein, vaikka netistä ostaisi.

Pilvi said...

Loooove Riekers! I had a pair that I literally wore for years and was really sad when I had to replace them. And, actually replaced them with a pair of Janas.

All your shoes look great, and actually looks-wise, I'm surprised I like your Janas better than the Riekers! :) You make me catch your Rieker fever... Thankfully I don't know where, if at all you can get them here. ;)

Sugar said...

Katri, thank you! I feel the same way about buying shoes online, gotta try them first! Sending stuff back can be a hassle and I'd rather avoid that :)

Riina, olen aivan ihastunut noihin Rieker Louiseihin, ne on melkein yhta mukavat kun converset! Ja se on jo paljon se :)

Pilvi, another thing we have in common! :) I'm so happy with my Riekers, even the boots with the 7cm heel feel comfortable! I'm sure you'll find a way to order Riekers there, if necessary ;)