Sunday, September 23, 2012

Puppy love

I'm a dog person, no question about it, but I don't dislike cats either. If I could choose, I'd so be a dog owner though, starting today! My last, and only one that's actually been my very own, dog passed away almost two years ago and not a week goes by that I don't miss her at some point. When I was growing up, we had other dogs at home and it feels so weird not having one. There's only one way to fill this empty spot in my heart and it's getting a puppy.

The most wonderful dog there ever was, a wire-haired Dachshund

Unfortunately that's really not a possibility right now, financially speaking especially. Pure bred dogs are expensive and there's insurance/vet costs to consider too. Also, our lil man would never leave the poor puppy alone! Nevertheless I dream of becoming a dog owner in the near future and envy all those people I see outside walking their wonderful dogs.

I miss cuddling with my furry baby :(

I've already told my husband that next year's Christmas, the lil man and I have only one Christmas wish: a puppy. And I'd like it to be a small pup, since we might have to cross the Atlantic at some point, and I don't want to place my dog in the cargo. So I've decided, based on the character of the breed, that we should get a Coton de Tulear :) Husband obviously disagrees, since he'd like a Rhodesian Ridgeback, which is certainly not a lapdog. We'll see what we end up doing. 

Any dog owners/lovers reading this blog? What kind of dog do you have/would like to have?


Pilvi said...

We're not dog owners - yet. I'm so much more a cat person, hubby is so not a cat person, and I know he would love to own a dog, or even two. I guess over the last six years, since I first saw him interact with his parents dogs, I've gradually gotten used to the idea. Right now our living circumstance wouldn't allow it, but in any case we still have the same disagreement to solve as you guys: Small dog or big dog. I've kind of fallen in love with my brother's papillon, and anyway would feel a small dog might be easier overall. My husband doesn't think small dogs are real dogs at all... almost. Whatever our eventual compromise, we'll most likely end up with a rescue, all my husband's family's dogs have been rescues.

Sofia said...

En ole ikinä tykännyt kissoista, niissä on jotakin salaperäistä. Hiipivät hiljaa ja et koskaan voi tietää mitä ne ajattelevat tai meinaavat. Kuubalainen kaverini sanoo usein, että kissa on paholaisen eläin.

Sugar said...

Pilvi, a rescue dog is an excellent idea! If we lived in the U.S I might consider the same, there were so many rescue dogs at the local humane society. I totally agree that a small dog is a lot easier. We had huskies at home and when I moved on my own I got a small dog that thinks it's big: standard sized dachshund. Sooo much easier when you can pick up your dog when necessary.

Sofia: olen kylla samaa mielta tuosta kissojen salaperaisyydesta. Jotkut kissat jopa pelottavat minua, uskon sen johtuvan siita, ettei minulla ole ikina ollut omaa kissaa :)

Kata said...

Please consider a rescue dog! We have three mixed breed rescue pups and they are the best dogs ever. Even in Finland there are homeless animals hoping and waiting for a new home, you may just have to search around for one a little more. I personally do not agree with breeding dogs and buying puppies from breeders (even reputable breeders), while homeless and unwanted dogs suffer and die around the world every day.

Cats are mysterious but once you have learned to know them and have been invited to share their mystery, they are amazing :) I began as a dog person but am probably more a cat person these days, despite the fact that I have three lovely dogs these days and no cats living with me.

Sugar said...

Kata, I think you are absolutely right about rescue dogs needing homes! I might consider a rescue dog in Finland, if I can find a puppy whose ancestry is at least somewhat known (so she/he won't turn out to be a large dog after all!). I'd like my child's first dog to be a puppy, so we can watch her grow and learn. After that I'd be willing to adopt an adult rescue dog as well. We'll see what happens!

I might turn into a cat person at some point too :)