Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shabby chic bedroom

I'm not much of an interior decorator due to the lack of time and funds, and most probably skills. Our home is mostly a collection of random furniture we've received from friends and family. 

When we moved to Finland, we moved with seven pieces of luggage for the three of us. Obviously my husband had nothing in Finland and I, not having lived here for over 5 years, hadn't much more. We were low on funds since my husband had no income before he got his degree and I was a stay-at-home mom. We made a few purchases from, the Finnish free auction site. I got us a dining room table for 1e and dressers for 10e etc. But there were also things that I wanted to buy new, like our bed. After living in the U.S, I've heard so many horror stories of bed bugs, I prefer to buy my mattresses new. I know bed bugs aren't a real problem in Finland, it's just in my head :)

When we moved into our current house from the apartment we live in first, we did a lot of painting and started thinking about the layout a bit more. I've previously showed how our kitchen turned out, but here are some ideas for our bedroom. If I did have the funds, I would decorate our bedroom in blue shabby chic style with maybe a touch of coastal decor. I probably would have to tone down the usual shabby chic style to make it comfortable for my husband as well :)

My dream bedroom would look something like this:

or maybe like this, but with a few wall hangings:

Here's some more inspirational photos:
from google

Right now our bedroom is a bit plain. We have our olympic queen bed, a dresser, a night stand, my vanity table set and my thesis writing desk. The walls are already painted pale blue and we have one wall hanging. The curtains are dark navy blue.

Here's the wall hanging from Ikea. Unfortunately the glass part broke when moving, but it works without it too :) And you can see the wall color, painted by the previous inhabitant. We still have a can of even paler blue paint and might paint one of the walls with that. I've ordered some new sheets and other stuff for the bedroom, so once they arrive I'll post some more photos of our bedroom.

What do you think of the example photos, anything you'd like in your bedroom?


Sofia said...

Makuuhuone on maailman paras huone! Siihen täytyy satsata! Harmooniset ja lempeät värit eikä liikaa roinaa. Kuvia ja tauluja jotka antavat positiivista energiaa ja tarpeessa lohduttavat. Koristetyynyt ja päiväpeitto on se kaikkein tärkein.

Heidi said...

Hi there,
I just discovered your blog and I like it. I am following now and will stop by again. Have a great weekend!...Heidi

Sugar said...

Sofia, olet aivan oikeassa! Toivottavasti jossain vaiheessa loydamme isomman kodin, jossa on oma "study", jotta saan gradun kirjoituspoydan pois makuuhuoneesta, rauhoittaisi kummasti :)

Heidi, welcome! Hope you're having a great weekend as well!