Friday, November 11, 2011

A New Hope...I mean Home

I apologize for the lack of entries in this blog. We've been busy moving to our new house and it has been an arduous little project. My ruptured disc has not been very cooperative, so I haven't been able to sit around all that much. We have, thank goodness, gotten all the stuff moved now and have given the old apartment away. There's still a lot to do, lot more than I expected.

I'm sure most of you have experienced the feeling when you see your new home without furniture for the first time; the in-need-of-some-serious-repainting feeling. The previous occupants were pretty good at hiding all the flaky paint etc. with their furniture and of course our furniture does not hide the flaws. We'll probably have to paint our lil man's room before we head to the U.S (so it can dry while we are there). Also the second floor bath needs a new paint-job. The other problems we noticed were that the previous occupants took a closet with them, revealing an unpainted part of the wall and exposed the concrete (?) floor. Also they had bent the kitchen counter-tops when removing their appliances.

The renovation company came today to replace the missing closet and fix the kitchen counter-tops so this place is already looking a lot better. Here's some photos of the house, pre-renovated.

The living room is pretty spacious. It has a beige wall paint, which we might just keep

Dining area is painted yellow and I kinda like it, so we might keep it as well

Kitchen. The counter-top got fixed today and the cabinet below removed to make room for the dishwasher.

The bedrooms. The master bedroom is painted blue and we'll keep it that way, but the smaller bedroom needs new paint

A nice-sized walk-in closet :)

The entrance

Side yard. There's also a backyard, but both of them need some serious work during the spring.

Lots to do, but I think it'll turn into a nice enough home :)

p.s I'm getting married (again) in less than a month! :)

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