Thursday, November 17, 2011

23 nights and I'm getting married (again)

and 19 nights and we'll be on our way to Nebraska. How time flies! I have to admit that I'm more nervous about the traveling than the wedding. I think the flights will go relatively well since we'll be traveling with my parents, so there will be four laps for our lil man to sit on. I'm more concerned about entering the country since the U.S immigration officials can decide just about anything. I've never had any trouble entering the U.S, I've done it a dozen times, but now that I'm married to an U.S citizen, I'll probably be suspicious. I'm bringing proof of ties to Finland, proof of return flights etc. with me, so hopefully everything will go just fine.

My dress arrived a couple of weeks ago and judging by the photos it looks pretty good. A little bit darker than I expected, but I'll have to wait 19 nights to see what it actually looks like :) I also won't know how it fits until a few days before the wedding, so let's hope the measurements are correct!

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law have taken care of most of the planning, so I've gotten off easy this time. I'm sure they've done an excellent job, I'll share some photos later!

Our cake topper from the first wedding, loved it!


jersey_girl said...


Mie oon sun blogia jo jonkin aikaa seurannu, kiva on ollut lukea :)

Mun mies on kans USA:sta, silloin kun vielä asuttiin suomessa niin usein täällä vierailtiin eikä ikinä ollut mitään ongelmia maahan tullessa.

Tsemppiä matkaan ja ihanaa hääjuhlaa!

Sugar said...

Heippa ja kiitoksia kommentista! Ihana kuulla, etta teilla on mennyt matkustelu hyvin! Taidan taas stressata turhasta :)