Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cruising to Stockholm

First of all, welcome new readers! It always makes me so happy to notice there are some new faces in my members section. Hope you'll enjoy my scribblings! :)

We visited one of my dear friends, whom I met while studying in Vermont, in Stockholm a few weeks back. I think I've been to Sweden way too many times to appreciate it enough, but here are some photos my husband took during our visit. We went there on one of Viking Line's older cruise ships, Mariella.

Calm sea on our way to Sweden.

Old Town, my favorite part of Stockholm

More Gamla Stan

The Royal Palace

Getting a bit overcast

Royal Swedish Opera

Dark waters on our way back to Finland

Gorgeous sky

Viking Line Mariella

Some more dark waters, love the sky in this photo!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


Sofia said...

Tuolla minäkin haluaisin olla!

Sugar said...

Tukholma on kylla ihana, varsinkin Gamla Stan! Itse sain jossain vaiheessa yliannostuksen Tukholmaa, mutta nyt olen taas innostunut siella kavaisemisesta :)