Friday, May 18, 2012

Season finales

It's that time of the year when we have to say au revoir to some tv shows for the summer and in some cases it's goodbye forever. I've been watching a lot of tv since I injured my back last fall and have been following several tv shows (very unlike me, I used to never watch tv!).  Most of the networks have now announced which shows have been renewed and they're also releasing their fall schedules.

I was super-happy to notice that all but one of the tv shows I have been following were renewed for next season! Here are my favorites from the past season, in no particular order:

Hart of Dixie 
I've absolutely loved this one all season (its first), it's just so adorable. I almost wish I was living in Bluebell, Alabama myself :) I also love Rachel Bilson's outfits, and Hart of Dixie has it's fair share of handsome men as well ;) Either way, super-cute and harmless entertainment and the season finale had a nice romantic cliffhanger, can't wait for the next season!

Another first season tv show, Revenge is my guilty pleasure. I think they're showing it in Finnish tv as well, as "Kosto". It's like a mix of soap opera and thriller. The season finale will be airing next week and Revenge has been renewed for the second season.

Once Upon a Time
I'm sucker for fairytale shows and the town of Storybrook is just beautiful! Once Upon a Time has a good, intriguing plot and is very well made, mixing fantasy and reality. Its first season was just unreal (in a good way) and I'm excited to see what happens next season!

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Lovelovelove Phryne Fisher! Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is one of the few non-U.S shows on my list, it's from Australia. Phryne is a 1920s detective lady and you can't help but to fall in love with her silly, witty character. The plot is the average detective fiction (based on a book series), but I still love it with its 1920s costumes and athmosphere. If you like the Poirot movies, you might like Phryne Fisher. I'm not sure if Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries will have a second season, but this first season sure was golden!

I like the detective/civilian-team crime dramas that have a comedic twist to it. I suppose The Mentalist fits in the same category. I follow both, but I think I've missed a few episodes of The Mentalist lately, and have been following Castle more. Next seasons is the fifth for Castle. I think I've seen Castle in Finnish tv as well.

I absolutely love Glee, it's just pure musical joy! Their season finale isn't until next week and I'm anxiously waiting for it. This week they showed two episodes and I cried during both (yup, I'm the type that cries while watching tv and movies haha). I'm supersad that the cast will most likely go through some changes, since some of the main characters are graduating, but I hear they may still stay in the show some form or another. Glee has been renewed for season four, we'll see what it's like then. I think they've showed seasons 1 and 2 in Finland.

And here's the show that didn't get renewed. GCB is based on a book (Good Christian Bitches) and they just aired the 10th and last episode. I laughed so hard watching it since I recognized so many characters straight out of real life Midwest. It got pretty good ratings, but perhaps it was a bit too controversial (can't joke about religion in the U.S) and got cancelled. Too bad.

Other tv shows that I watch are NCIS (upcoming 10th season!), British costume drama Downton Abbey (upcoming 3rd season), Bones (upcoming 8th season) and the British series Sherlock (possible upcoming 3rd season in 2013). The last one is a true gem! Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite literary characters and I've seen a bunch of Sherlock movies and the Jeremy Brett series. BBC's Sherlock is a modern version of Sherlock Holmes. I hear CBS has announced there will be an American tv show of the modern Sherlock Holmes called Elementary premiering this fall. I'll definitely have to check it out.

Did you watch any of these? What did you think? Any suggestions to what I should be watching? :)

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!

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Susa said...

Kiitos vinkeista! Minakin katson vahan televisiota, mutta kun tekee mieli katsoa, en yleensa loyda mitaan katsottavaa.
Ensimmainen ja toinen vaikuttavat mielenkiintoisilta. Seka GCP (vai miten se meni..).

Toivottavasti selkasi paranee pian. :)

Minna said...

Minä olin todella surullinen kun GCB lopetettiin. Se oli kyllä hulvaton sarja, minä niin nautin siitä. Muutenkin meillä on hyvin samanlainen sarjamaku.

Sugar said...

Susa, kiva kun loysit mielenkiintoisia vinkkeja :) Minusta on kylla tullut sellainen telkkarintollottaja tuon selan takia, etta! Mutta pikkuhiljaa tassa fysioterapian avulla kuntoudun taas ulkoilmaihmiseksi :)

Minna, samoin! En kylla keksi mitaan muuta syyta, kun tuo "epakorrektisuus" sarjan lopetukselle, katsojaluvutkin olivat mukavan kokoiset. Toivotaan, etta syksylla tulee joku mielenkiintoinen uusi sarja siis tilalle.