Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bracelets from eBay - Confessions of an online-shopaholic, pt III

My sister-in-law asked me to tell about the bracelets I bought from eBay. I have to admit that I've bought close to a hundred bracelets through the online auction site, but in my defense, I usually don't pay more than a $1 for a bracelet :)

Crystal stretch bracelets, available in multiple colors, about $1 each

If you plan on bidding on bracelet on eBay, here are some things to consider before placing a bid:

"Jade" stretch bracelet, $0.80

- always check the shipping fee, they vary a lot! I usually only purchase free shipping items

Pink crystal bracelet, $0.99, one of my favorites!

- don't bid on the first item you see, check if the same seller has that particular item for cheaper. The sellers usually list the same bracelet many times and most of the items are on sale through several different

Three row "pearl" bracelet, $0.79

-if you really want the bracelet, be sure to be online when the bidding ends, I often lose bids when last minute bidders outbid me

"wood" stretch bracelet, $0.99

-I avoid buying anything with too much metal parts, since most likely they are not hypoallergenic.As a gentle advise, here's some trinkets NOT worth buying:
photo from eBay

The two top ones have metal parts that pinch, painfully (trust me haha), and lower one has metal parts that can cause allergies to some and also, the flakes brake easily when mailed in an envelope.

-The bracelets are often tiny in size, but vary quite a bit. I have really narrow wrists so most of them fit me perfectly. Sometimes, however, the bracelets have been so huge I haven't been able to wear them. Luckily they don't cost that much, so I've just given them to my friends.

Crystal stretch bracelets, about a $1 each

-last, but not least, remember "you get what you pay for". Since the bracelets are cheap, they are not real amethyst or pearl even if the listing says so. They are cheap trinkets, so keep that in mind :)

"pearl" stretch bracelets, sold in multiple colors, about $1 each

Here's some more bracelets that I bought and liked:

Crystal stretch bracelets, available in multiple colors, about a $1 each, my favorites!

Plastic stretch bracelet, $0.99

Wooden stretch bracelet, $1.15

"Tiger eye" crystal bracelet, $0.95, my newest purchase and I love it!

What do you think about these bracelets? Have you purchased jewelry from eBay?

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Sofia said...

No on sinulla mistä valita, mikä kokoelma! Tuo kristallinen,vaaleanpunainen on kaunis!

Sugar said...

Kieltamatta aika isoksi on tuo korukokoelma paisunut ja tassa oli siis vain osa :D