Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Christmas - Winter Wonderland wedding

Our ceremony was held at my husband's hometown church and the reception was in the nearby small town (population 53 to be exact) since they have the only suitable venue within a 100 mile radius ;) Our theme was, as mentioned, Christmas-Winter Wonderland with theme colors of red and silver. There were about 80+ guests and more people showed up later, when the doors were opened for the general public. We had a dj to play a variety of music, so a bunch of people in their cowboy hats and boots came over to dance. Yee-haw! ;)

Here are some more photos of our wedding, as promised :)

The family photo :) We were married in a Methodist church, which already had the Christmas decorations on, so we really didn't have to do much there.

One of our wedding portraits :) I loved my Christmas wedding bouquet! The black magic roses and clear rhinestones worked really well for me. I wanted something simple and deep red and the rhinestones were there to give some sparkle to the set up. Loved it!

Our venue fully decorated! The photo was taken before we arrived and the guests were just getting settled. My sister-in-law did an amazing job with the place (here's her inspirational photos). I think she created the exact atmosphere I wanted; a Christmas-y Winter Wonderland. A lot of the Winter Wonderland themes had this "cold" feeling to them, which I wanted to avoid, so she used a lot of red and a good deal of warm light to create a not too tacky Christmas feeling. It was just amazing, I didn't even smell the cow dung that lingers everywhere in the Middle of Nowhere :-) I owe her big time!

One of the centerpieces. She did such an amazing job with these too!

The yummy dessert table. We had a salad and pasta bar for dinner with a lot of vegetarian options, which is probably something you don't really see that much in Nebraska :) Good thing the bride is foreign, so she is allowed her dietary quirks ;) For dessert there were cake pops, a variety of cheese cakes, white chocolate mints and a bunch of different candy.

Christmas Wedding Cake, which was a double chocolate cake with white frosting. It turned out pretty good, although I was hoping to have a bit different cake topper, but that ended up not working. This one was great too.

Groom's cake. This might not look as fabulous as the actual wedding cake, but it was even better! It was a German chocolate cake and sooooo good! I ate way too much of it :)

After the dinner and cake cutting we danced - a lot :D I love line dancing, although otherwise I'm not much a of dancer. But the dancing turned out to be such fun, loved it!

Here's one last shot of my gorgeous dress, this time of the back of it. The photos really don't do the dress justice, it was amazing! I know I sound like a horribly stereotypical bride here, but it was just perfect! :)

Year 2012 will be here soon, yay! <3


M-K said...

Onneksi olkoon! Aivan ihanalta näytti kaikki; pukusi, paikka, tunnelma, koristeet. Terveisiä teksasista :-)!

Sugar said...

Paljon kiitoksia :) Oli kylla kiva pitaa haat kummassakin maassa, kummankin sukulaiset paasi juhlimaan:) Hyvaa alkanutta vuotta Teksasiin!