Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Married, twice

Yup, I've now officially married the same man twice, and I have the paperwork to prove it :-)
I have to say the second wedding was just amazing! I loved what my sister-in-law had done with the venue, I loved the foods, I loved the cake, I loved the party, I loved my dress and I love my husband. Everything turned out so great and lots of people came who I didn't expect to drive such a long way to Middle of Nowhere. My former roommates drove 7 hours just to be there and I really appreciated it!

I haven't yet gone through the professional photos, but here are some my bridesmaid took.

The venue in progress, which really was just your everyday town dance hall and looked like any old barn from the outside. My sister-in-law did wonders to the place, for example covering the ugly ceiling with sheets and hanging ornaments. This was taken the night before and we were still decorating it, but it gives some idea what the venue would look like. I'll post more detailed photos later.

Getting my nails done :) I usually just have gel polish on my natural nails, but of course I had a massive nail disaster while traveling and lost several nails (can you imagine! ;), so I had to get acrylics. They looked great for the wedding, but I broke one of them a few days later, shucks.

My hair in progress... I looked like Shirley Temple :) I got my hair dyed a bit darker for the wedding and I think it looked great!

Wedding hair all done! I had some red and clear rhinestones in my hair, but decided against the tiara. I also ended up getting new jewelry, I'll post pics later.

and here's the dress! I wasn't quite sure how it would turn out, but it was amazing! The silver color was just what I wanted and it was a perfect fit for our Christmas/Winter wonderland theme. I'll post some better pics of it later as well.

I can't believe it's almost Christmas! Hope everyone has their holiday spirits on! :)


Eveliina said...

Oih, ihanaa! :)
Jään odottelemaan lisää kuvia...
ja onnittelut nyt vielä uudelleenvihityille! ;)

Sugar said...

Kiitoksia, kiitoksia :) Lisaa kuvia tulee joulun jalkeen!