Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wedding/Christmas time!

We're getting married (again) in less than a week! We've spent the weekend packing and getting everything ready for our trip to the Middle of Nowhere. It involves three flights and about 7 hours of driving... I'll be flying on Panacod Airlines due to my back problems :)

I've been also getting my Christmas spirits on while wrapping presents for our family and friends in the U.S. I've been listening to Jouluradio, a Finnish Christmas music station, that you can listen to anywhere in the world. I love giving gifts and have been doing most of my Christmas shopping online to avoid the hassle (and back pain). We did go to the mall this weekend to do some grocery shopping and it was a bit chaotic out there. I've tried to think of some Finnish presents for our American family and they will be receiving some Iittala products like Tsaikka-glasses, Krouvi-glasses, Festivo-candlesticks and some Kastehelmi items. I've also bought some Marmorikynttilä-candles, since I really like them!

I won't be taking my laptop with me to the U.S so I won't be updating this blog as frequently as I usually do. Random Tuesdays will still go on, thanks to timed blogging :) I'll be back after Christmas, hopefully with some awesome wedding photos :)

Here are some festive photos to enjoy, Happy Holidays everyone!

Yankee Candle Village in South Deerfield, Massachusetts in 2006

One of Yankee Candle Village's many Christmas toy train settings

Christmas 2010 in Nebraska

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