Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas, twice

We celebrated Christmas twice this year, first in Nebraska and then in Finland.
I thought I'd share some photos from both :)

The first Christmas was at my mother-in-law's place in Nebraska. I took a ton a photos, but only two of them turned out okay :( I guess I was too focused on opening my huge amount of presents (I'm still surprised!) that I didn't focus enough on the camera work.

My mother-in-law's Christmas tree, she always decorates it so nicely! The cross-stitch tree ornaments are made by my husband's grandparents, they make one for everyone each year. Our lil man got his second tree ornament this Christmas :)

Lil man focusing on his presents :)

We spent the Finnish Christmas at my cousin's place in Southern Finland. We ate a lot of good foods, waited for Santa (who did show up!) and opened a bunch of wonderful presents :)

My cousin's gorgeous Christmas tree (real, of course :)

Getting the table ready

Yummy foods, and husband's Christmas beer :)

Santa came and brought presents!

Yay, presents! :)

Hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays! :)

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