Sunday, March 25, 2012

March photo a day, 21-25

March photo a day continues!

21. Delicious

I'm on a continuing mission to find the most amazing pesto available in Finland. This one is the best so far, crunchy and delicious!

22. Kitchen sink

Well, it's just your average kitchen sink.

23. Moon

I'm not ashamed to admit that I liked the Twilight books :-), in fact I liked them so much I wrote two college papers on them and held a presentation on how Native Americans were depicted in the Twilight-movie. I kinda liked the first movie, the rest have been very disappointing.

24. An animal

It's a cow! I wish it was a dog, but we can't really get one until we settle somewhere.

25. Breakfast

I like to have eggs for breakfast. I usually have scrambled eggs with toast, but I also like them boiled now and then.

I'm off to Stockholm to do some thesisizing, I hope everyone is having the most amazing week! :)

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