Friday, January 20, 2012

What will you be when you grow up?

When I was younger I dreamed of becoming a model, a beauty pageant winner, a dancer etc. all very little-girly professions :) My Mom always thought I'd become a doctor, and my Dad thought that I'd become a lawyer. Well, I ended up first graduating from business school and then graduating again and becoming an archaeologist. Now I'm working on my Master's in History. I still have no clue what I want to do "when I grow up".
Being an archaeologist, I'm the one with the pale blue top :)

I know I don't want to be an archaeologist anymore, at least not a field archaeologist. It's not that I don't love archaeology, I really do. In fact I love it very very much, it fascinates me endlessly. It's just that I have a family now and being a shovelbum just won't do anymore. I can't just leave wherever the job take me and come back whenever it ends. Having young children and being a full-time field archaeologist just doesn't work out. And is a lab archaeologist a real archaeologist? Perhaps, but full-time lab archaeologist positions are almost impossible to come by, they're pretty seasonal. I focused on osteology and paleopathology (I wrote my thesis on diseases and cause of death of a certain group of mummies), so perhaps someday I might be able to work in forensics. But probably not in Finland, and that's where I currently live.

In Finland my options are pretty limited, I probably won't be able to work in my own field. In the U.S there are more options, but the pay is horrible, I probably wouldn't be able to support myself with that amount of money. It was fine when it was just me, living in a shared house with 3 roommates, but it won't be fine now when I have a family. And I don't want to live off my husband forever, even if he'd be totally fine with it (which he is btw:).

 I never in my wildest dreams imagined myself as a homemaker, but that's what I am right now. Well I'm still working on my thesis and taking a class this semester, so I guess I'm a homemaker-graduate student or something haha. I never thought I'd say this, but I love being home with our lil man :) Seeing him grow, it's such a privilege! But also, I don't want to be home forever, so I've been giving my future some serious thought. In fact I believe my homemaker days are numbered, I hope to employ myself one way or another within the next year. And I'm hoping to find a part-time job first, so I still could be there for our little man. Since I have that business degree, I'm probably going to end up working at some office. If I could choose, I'd want to work in a learning environment, but we'll see :) 

 Anyone have any good career advise for me? :)


Eveliina said...

Mites ois hissan maikka? Eipä se opettajien palkka mitään kehuttavaa ole varmaankaan... Mä haaveilin joskus arkeologin ammatista, joten jos mä saisin päättää, yrittäisin löytää vaikka kivien ja kantojen alta sen ainoan hyvän duunin siltä alalta. Tai vähänkö olis siistiä tehdä jotain juttuja johonkin historia-lehtiin! Toimistotyö bisnes-alalla on niin syvältä, että yritä välttää sitä kun sulla on siihen mahiksia! Mutta, I know, elääkin täytyy - parempi sekin kuin penninvenytys...

Sugar said...

Kiitoksia kommentista! Arkeologia on tosiaan aivan ihanaa! Mutta joo, niinhan se on, etta rahaakin on (ainakin valilla) tehtava :) Historian opettaja olisikin ihan hyva ammatti, en vain tieda olenko pateva siihen. Olen nimittain suorittanut meilkein kaikki kurssit Yhdysvalloissa, eika niihin liittynyt mitaan pedagogisia opintoja tai Suomen historiaa tietenkaan:( Nyt vaan siis vaannan gradua taalla Suomessa. No mutta, taytyy miettia, ehka se unelmatyo tulee vastaan :)