Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beauty potions

I admit that I'm a beauty product junkie, I love moisturizers - a lot. I also admit I have no beauty school background and know very little about the chemistry behind all these products. But I've tested a huge amount of moisturizers, toners, eye creams etc. (I love free samples), because I have very dry skin, atopic eczema, and not a whole lot of products work for me. I've nevertheless found my absolute favorites, products that work on my extremely picky skin, and here are some of them:

My beauty routine starts with Biotherm Biosource clarifying cleansing milk and hydra-mineral lotion-toning water for Normal/Combination Skin. Both are amazing, especially the toner, I've yet to find a better one. It's refreshing and the skin feels clean afterwards. During the summer I use the toner several times a day to get that refreshed feeling.

Some might say eye creams are for the more mature, but I disagree. I love eye creams, they work miracles. I apply every morning and evening, except when I'm on an airplane. There I apply before each landing (or whenever necessary) and feel instantly refreshed. This is my absolute eye cream favorite, Clinique All about eyes rich, it does wonders to dry, tired eyes.

My daily moisturizers: Biotherm Aquasource during summers, and Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion during winters, when my skin needs the extra moisturizing. Both moisturize amazingly well, I haven't had an eczema on my face in years. The only sucky thing about these two is that there is no SPF on them. And with a super-fair skin like mine, I have to wear sunscreen all year round. Biotherm's Age Fitness and Clinique's Superdefense both have an SPF, so I might try those at some point.

I also have a separate night cream, which is Biotherm's Skin.ergetic night. It's a detox night cream and I've only used for a while, but so far I'm liking it. It smells really good (well, all Biotherm stuff does) and seems to be working well. The only complaint I have is that the jar is odd shaped. I have trouble getting stuff out with my long-ish nails.

I also use Clinique's Turnaround skin renewer every couple of days. I noticed that they now have Turnaround Overnight, which I might try next.

And here are my trusty companions from The Body Shop. I lovelovelove the Almond Oil hand and nail cream. Most hand creams smell yucky to me, but this one is very tolerable. I love the pump bottle and apply multiple times a day. The Body Shop's Vitamin E Lip Care Stick is the best there is! It has yet to meet it's match and I've probably tried about a 100 different lip balms. It doesn't sting even when my lips are red raw, and it's not sticky. Couldn't live without it :)

Basically I like Biotherm and Clinique :) But that doesn't stop me from testing other brands. For example, I've really liked some of Philosophy's stuff and I might take some into regular use.

I'm not much of a make-up person, I've just never been very good at applying it. But I sure do love my beauty products. I also have a ton of nail stuff, but I'll save that for another entry :)

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