Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wedding decorations - Green apple theme

We had a green apple theme on our first wedding, which I thought worked out pretty well. We got lots of compliments about it, but then again who tells the bride and groom their decorations sucked ;)

Our wedding reception was held at a seurantalo, which is kind of a rural community house. They usually have dances, theater perfomances and other community events there. This particular seurantalo was built in the early 1920s and the interior fit our theme perfectly.

Here's the interior, we had already moved the tables and had started to decorate the hall:

and here's the almost decorated hall:

Our budget was super-small, about 10% of my brother's wedding budget, so we had to really pick and choose where we spent our money. In order to save money, we had to give up on getting floral centerpieces on the tables. Instead we went with fruits, we bought several boxes of green apples from the wholesale place and used those in cheap Ikea vases with some colored sand on the bottom. Since our theme was green apples this worked out pretty well :)

Vase centerpieces with the program/menu. We bought gold cardstock from Tiimari and printed the menus on cream colored paper (also from Tiimari) and glued :) Each table also had a led light string with some gold leaves and crystals. We got them cheap from Kodin ykkonen, since they were on sale. Ours had to be plugged in, but I would recommend getting the battery operated ones, no need to worry about extension cords etc.

Here's another look at our table decorations, I think I posted this already earlier in the blog. Each end of the table had three miniature green apples. I found them like a week before the wedding on sale in Tiimari, but I think they worked out great. The napkins were from Ikea, again really affordable.

The Wilton Green Sweetheart wedding favors/place cards also fit out theme. We got them from

We also got some color themed balloons, another great idea if you're operating on a small budget. We got ours from and they were really affordable.

My amazing bridesmaids (I had three) also wore our colors :) The guys wore matching ties.

And flower girls (there were three of them as well) had a matching sash :)

I also got some thank you-presents for our bridal party and packaged them in green to fit the theme :) All supplies were from Tiimari.

So the green apple theme was a success, at least I was pretty happy about how it turned out! We'll see what the classy christmas/winter wonderland theme will turn out :)


Anonymous said...

I think it's lovely! The green is gorgeous

Sugar said...

Thank you! It just happens to be my favorite color ;)

Drew Watts said...

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