Saturday, October 8, 2011

A new home

We've been living in a teenyweeny (58m2) one bedroom apartment ever since we moved to Finland and I have to say it's been pretty tough sleeping in the same room with a toddler who is an extremely loud sleeper :D He babbles in his sleep aaaaall night.

We've been looking for a two bedroom place for a while and have already turned down two offers (the first one was really shabby and the second one was a first floor apartment), but luckily third time was the charm and we got offered a place that was just what we wanted. It's a two floor, two bedroom semi-detached condo (paritalo) with nice little backyard.

We'll be moving next month, so we have a whole lot of packing to be done this month, which I can't say I'm looking forward to, but I'm really excited about the place! :)

Now if I could only get rid of the sniffles...

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