Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sonisphere - testing sunscreens :)

I totally forgot that we are going to Sonisphere and I needed the sunscreen for that. I tried out the Biotherm SPF15 and it is a gift from heaven! Smelled sooooo good, was easy to apply and worked really well!

Sonisphere itself was a fun, but melting experience :) It was way too hot, there wasn't a whole lot of shade and there weren't enough spots to fill your waterbottle. You weren't allowed to bring drinks to the area and had to empty your bottles at the gates, so the lines to get water were huge. I honestly felt like if you pay 85e ($118) for the tickets, you should expect not to spend half the time in line for water. Anyways, I had a great time with my hubby and my friends and the bands were mostly good, meaning Sonata Arctica was awesome and Opeth not so.

Honeymoon to Greece next week!!!

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b_hardy85 said...

i thought that the festival was awesome! i loved all of the bands, even though the guys from Opeth were kinda being jerks. A great day with my wifey (she's so unbelievably awesome for bringing me) and good friends.