Friday, July 29, 2011

Kuuman kesäpäivän pelastaja - Zoku Pop Maker!

Posti toi tänään kaksi ihanaa asiaa; suomalaisen mininäppäimistön sekä Zoku mehujää kojeen! Vielä on vähän opettelemista tämän oudon näppäimistön kanssa, mutta ehkäpä tulemme pian sinuiksi. Nyt kuitenkin ainakin vielä hetkeksi englanninkielisten sepustusten pariin:

So I got my Finnish keyboard today, yay! Also the delivery dude brought us the savior of the hot summer day - Zoku Quick Pop Maker, super-yay! It's been excruciatingly hot in our apartment the past few weeks and we've been eating a ton of ice cream, so I was trying to think of a healthier way to keep cool ;) When I saw the Zoku ad, I knew I had to have it and now that I've tried it I'm not disappointed. I made delicious pops out of blueberry soup and baby foods :D I know it sounds kinda silly, but baby food pops were actually yummy and they're healthy too! No added sugar or preservatives and the texture suits the purpose really well. I just added a bit of water and voila - healthy yummy pops!

Yummy plum pop :)


b_hardy85 said...

I like the part about getting to eat the popsicles :) The blueberry ones were awesome! Definitely helped boost morale in the apartment. Can't wait to try new flavors!

Sugar Antelope said...

Haha, boost morale eh? I love my husband! <3