Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Green shake?

While I was honeymooning in Greece I read an article about a "power breakfast" in a Finnish women's mag, namely MeNaiset. I noticed a recipe for a power drink, which I decided to try out. My husband was very skeptical about this, but decided to guinea-pig it anyways :)

Here's the translated recipe, with some of my own additions:

Green shake for two

2 apples
1 lime or half-a-lemon (I used 0.5 dl of lemon juice)
1 bundle of lettuce (I used chicory/frisée)
3 dl carbonated mineral water (the recipe suggested lemon flavored, I used apple flavored)
honey (to taste, I added a tablespoon)
1/2 avocado (I added this, since this was our lunch)

Cut the washed apples into slices and place in the blender. Add lemon/lime juice, rinsed lettuce, avocado and 1dl of the mineral water. Mix until even. Add the rest of the mineral water (might want to add a dl extra if it seems too thick) and honey. Mix and enjoy!

I ended up placing the mix into the fridge to cool for a bit, but all in all it turned out fairly well! Even my skeptical husband liked it! :) I thought it was pretty darn yummy for a green shake.

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