Friday, July 22, 2011

Darn Ikea :)

It's hotter than high noon in Death Valley in Finland right now and I feel like I never left Greece! I miss the A/C we had in the U.S and I especially miss the air-conditioned malls! Don't get me wrong, they have A/C in Finnish malls too, but it's not nearly as effective as back in 'merica. Anyways, we decided to take our air-conditioned car (thank goodness for that) and drive to the famed cheap-o Swedish furniture store Ikea.

One thing about Ikea - you go there with the intention of buying a thing or two and come back with about a 100 things, most of which you'll never need. Well, our intention was to only eat there (haha, I know right), but when we left I had bought new curtains, wall clock and bibs, utensils and toys for the baby...and this:

Ikea Cirkustält

What makes this purchase even more ridiculous is that our little man can barely walk yet :D Oh well, I had fun putting it together, although I'm having a tough time getting it even the slightest bit less wrinkly. But the food was affordable and delicious, as always. Anyways, thanks again Ikea! :)

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