Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back in Φινλανδία :)

We had the most amazing honeymoon in Greece! I'm sure everyone thinks that of their own honeymoon, but I think it just means that it was a success :) With our teenyweeny budget we managed to do all sorts of fun stuff, although we had to skip mountain climbing due to the extremely hot weather. We did a lot of roadtripping instead and went to see the gorge we'd plan on climbing. The scenery was breathtaking! I'm an archaeologist by training, so I couldn't resist on visiting some ancient sites as well. Here's some photos:

Enjoying the hotel garden

Some refreshments

Paddle boating on Lake Kourna

Imbros gorge

Yummy baklava :)

Hora Sfakion

Faistos Minoan palace

Sfentoni cave in Zoniana


Hania Venetian harbor

We took closer to a thousand photos, so I had trouble picking which ones to upload here :)

It was an awesome trip, but I'm glad to be home too, I missed our lil man quite a bit! Also, I appreciate the fact that it's raining a lot more ;) Can't wait for our next trip to Greece though, loved the scenery, the food and the people!

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b_hardy85 said...

honeymoon was a definite success! i couldn't have imagine having a better time! having one on one time with my wife really made me appreciate the special moments that we share together when we're alone :)