Sunday, July 22, 2012

"What's wrong with people?"

My blog's like/dislike list say that injustice infuriates me. It's so very true, and the injustices that infuriate me are many. I'm also often saddened by other people's actions, I just don't understand what's wrong with some people.

This week's Aurora shooting is one of those things that make me ask the question in the title. It's just incomprehensible why these things happen. Call me naive, but I like to believe majority of the world is full of sane people. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm wrong. I have no personal connection to the victims, I have friends that live in Denver area, but they were not among those in the theater. But still, I'm furious this kind of injustice has happened, so many innocent people suffering as a result of one man's actions.

What infuriates me even more is the discussion about gun control that has followed. Really, is there no respect for the people who just lost their lives or lost a loved one? Do people really need to start firing (no pun intended) their political agenda right away? More guns/vigilantes is the solution? What is wrong with people?

Now, that being said, I'm going to do just the opposite and throw my two cents in the air. I believe in the person's right to hunting weapons. I believe hunting is a basic right, one is allowed to get their own food. And if need to be, you can use your hunting weapon to protect your home and family. All other weaponry belongs to non-civilian hands. Period.

I'm saddened not only because of what happened, but I'm saddened that people feel so aggressively about their right to bare arms that lost lives don't matter to them as long as they can keep their weapons.

Here's an opinion worth reading.


"When carrying a concealed weapon for self-defense is understood not as a failure of civil society, to be mourned, but as an act of citizenship, to be vaunted, 
there is little civilian life left." 
Jill Lepore, New Yorker, 23 April 2012.

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Pilvi said...

That's an excellent quote on gun control. I'm beginning to think only if I had been born in the USA might I be able to understand how can the right to carry arms be so important. My hubby says it's the people's insurance against a tyrannical government - but at least in this day and age no matter what guns civilians own, it won't save them from oppression.

I also saw an appalling statement, on CNN I think, where a gun rights activist said tightening gun laws would actually cause more innocent lives to be lost, when less people would have guns on them to protect themselves.

Horrendous! How many of the multiple public shootings in the past few decades have been prevented or shortened thanks to a gun-carrying civilian?!? If there has been even one, then I have not heard of it.

Sugar said...

I absolutely agree with you, it's appalling. Sometimes I wonder why is it that things that seem completely illogical to me, seem perfectly logical for some Americans. But perhaps you are right and if I'd been raised "American" I too would see the point it all this. As I'm only 1/8 American, I find the scenario disturbing.

Pilvi said...

You're 1/8 American? Do you mean you have ancestors there? I didn't know that! Things have come full circle with your son, then? :)

Sugar said...

Haha, I suppose they have! My great-grandpa was originally from Ohio, so I might have some (distant) relatives there. My dad (his grandson) also lived in the U.S for years and my brother for a while too, so I guess it's in our blood :)