Sunday, July 8, 2012

Garden gnomes or not?

I've noticed that people either love garden gnomes or hate them. It's super-easy to go overboard when decorating your yard and gnome overload can appear real tacky. Personally I love garden gnomes and when  I lived in an apartment building, my balcony had several gnomes including one on each corner. Now that we have a some land around our house I've been able place garden ornaments in a more natural setting :) My husband dislikes garden gnomes, so I've kept them to the minimum. 

Here are some garden ornaments from our yard:

A couple of cute hedgehogs next to the entrance

A friendly frog, our lil man loves to pet him

A fox keeping watch

And the only actual garden gnome, it's Doc from Snow White!

What do you think, garden gnomes or not?


Jenni said...

For some reason, I've never been a fan of garden gnomes, but my aunt(in-law?) has a VERY impressive collection. Their yard features this long stone wall which is completely decked out with gnomes! Actual gnomes too, not animals or such. Rather scary. I think they travel into secret meetings underneath the strawberry bushes every night to plot for our demise...

Anyway, I don't really -hate- garden gnomes, but I'm certain there would never be any in mine. Cats and owls painted on stone however... that might be more of my garden feature.

Sugar said...

Haha, I totally agree that an overload of gnomes can be creepy. Too much is too much. I think a couple garden gnomes is the perfect amount :)