Saturday, July 14, 2012

How do people stumble upon my blog?

Most people find my blog either through a blog list or by googling.
I checked some Google keywords from Blogger statistics, showing how people end up to my blog and these were the most popular phrases used to find my blog during its existence.

 A lot of them were wedding related:
*classy winter wonderland (our American wedding theme)
*country christmas wedding decorations
*silver wedding dresses (my 2nd wedding dress)
*apple green and gold wedding (our Finnish wedding)
*apple wedding decor
*deep red rose bouquet with rhinestones (my American wedding bouquet)

 Some where pretty general:
*the sugar antelope (yup, that's the name of the blog)
*love is
*what americans think of finland (I would like to know too!)
*make your own happiness
*love is картинки
*planning a future together

 Some about products/services/events I'd once mentioned:
*ikea cirkustält
*wells fargo checkbook
*pikku kakkonen
*earrings at burlington coat factory
*discount clothes new york city
*chickendales wayne (they're famous!)

 and here's the winner:
*my boyfriend is finnish.. can i use the social security (I'm speechless...)

Hope everyone is having the most amazing weekend!


Ronja said...

Mahtava erityisesti toi viimeinen :D

Sugar said...

No todellakin! En tainnut vahinko vain tarjota vastausta kyseiseen ongelmaan :)