Friday, February 3, 2012

Someplace warm...

I'm having the worst case of sniffles and have decided that if we move somewhere from here, it better be someplace warm! I'm so sick (no pun intended) and tired of being sick all the time :( And the worst part is that stay-at-home mommies get no sick-days, no rest what so ever. But I'm very happy about one thing, it seems like our lil man has stayed clear of whatever is bothering husband and I. As much as I hate being sick, I'd rather it be me than the lil man.

Here are some photos from our trip to Galveston Island, Texas from 2010. I'd so much rather be there right now, even if it's raining:)

I'm not quite sure what our hotel was called, Commodore on the Beach maybe?

View from the balcony

Nature had left its marks

It was lil man's first vacation, at 1 months. And no worries, we shielded him from the sun otherwise:)

Hope everyone will have a warm and cozy weekend! :)


Elina said...

Oi, ihania lomakuvia :)

Sugar said...

Kiitoksia kommentista :) Kylla tekisi taas mieli paasta lomailemaan Galvestoniin, se on niin ihanan rento paikka.

Emmi Hakansson said...

Tuttuja maisemia:). En tiennytkään että ootte käyneet Galvestonissa! Nyt vasta lueskelen läpi näitä sun vanhoja postauksia!

Sugar said...

Kiva, etta jaksat lueskella naita vanhempia juttuja :) Joo, Nebraskassa on se hyva puoli, etta se on niin keskella, etta kaikkialla on yhta pitka matka :D Tuli siis roadtrippailtua paljon.