Saturday, February 25, 2012

Love/hate relationship with snow and a little bit of jewelry

Many of the blogs on my blog list are declaring that spring is here! I wish...spring is definitely not here. In fact there's so much snow it's been really hard to get out with the stroller. I tried on Tuesday and got stuck, apparently you really can get stuck in snow with a stroller. Luckily one of our lovely neighbors helped us out of the snow pile and we got home. After that we've been just sledding everywhere, no point in getting the stroller out. That has limited our social visits quite a bit though and I'm really bummed we missed one princess' birthday party on Friday :( Despite the inconvenience, I still love snow. It makes everything so pretty. It covers our unkept (by previous inhabitants) yard making it look great for a while. We'll have to do some serious work with it when spring comes.

As for the jewelry bit, I loooove big earrings and I love my wedding bands, but other than that I rarely wear much jewelry. I almost never wear necklaces and only wear bracelets on a special occasion. That was until I discovered the Swedish (gasp!) jewelry-makers Snö of Sweden and Våga. At first I just bought their cute earrings, but then I ended up buying one of Våga's necklaces and I loved it! Now I've realized maybe I can wear necklaces after all, and have been busily shopping all around ebay for pretty jewelry, super-addictive! I'll let you know if my bidding amounts to anything.

Here's my new favorite Våga necklace:

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)

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