Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Random Tuesdays 07/01/2014

Anthrax at the Tuskan Open Air Metal Festival in Helsinki, Finland in 2014

We go to Tuska every summer if we are in Finland. I don't go there only for the music, there are a lot of friends with whom we meet up there every year. This year one of my friends and I realized that the first time we saw Anthrax together was 20 years ago! We were really surprised because the Anthrax dudes looked so old, but we've stayed young ;). I remember that day 20 years ago well, since it was one of the first metal concerts my parents let me go to. My dad drove me and my friend there, waited someplace outside, and then drove us home :D And my Mom had given me extra some money, so I bought an Anthrax t-shirt, which I still own :) 

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