Thursday, May 8, 2014

IR-1: more nightmares, but a glimmer of hope

Our path to spousal visa has been extremely rocky. Before this the rocks were the incompetent people working for USCIS. Now a huge rock named "will not joint sponsor" rolled on our path. No one can force anyone to joint sponsor, but I surely would have wished our joint sponsor would have let us know of their intentions earlier than at the last minute when the only thing missing was their signature.

We were, however, extremely lucky and another person stepped up and said they would joint sponsor. Now we are quickly trying to get all the paperwork ready again, although our visa will be again delayed because of this unfortunate surprise from our original joint sponsor.

Here's where we were and here's where we are now:
- AOS and IV bills are paid
-IV package is sent
-Online form DS-260  is complete

Now we just have to get the AOS package ready and send it and then we wait for NVC to accept it and the IV package. After we get case complete from NVC (should be 1-2 months) we will wait for the interview date. 

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So even though we had another setback, I feel blessed that we have such wonderful people around us, who help us when we are about to lose all hope. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful month of May!


Pilvi said...

Unbelievable. So sad when people you trust with something important have a total disregard to how their not following through will affect you. :/

So happy someone else stepped up! It's about time this process started to look up for you...

Sugar said...

I know! We were speechless when our original joint sponsor delivered us the news. I don't know if they just didn't think it was a big deal or if they did it on purpose at the last minute to make sure they hurt us the most, I guess we'll never know. But we are so blessed to have our new joint sponsor!