Wednesday, October 24, 2012

U.S Presidential Elections: who do you side with?

I was curious who do I side with in the U.S presidential elections, even though I can't vote, so I tried iSideWith.Com. The results were a bit surprising on the candidate side, not so much on the party side.

Jill Stein it is, although the Democrats are clearly my party, according to this site. I was a bit surprised to find out I side 64% with the Libertarian Party, but I think it's because I believe in civil liberties. Jill Stein probably went ahead of Barack Obama since I'm very strong on women's rights. I'm a very pro-equality person and I think it shows in my results.

Any of my readers surprised with my results? :) I don't expect anyone else to be as candid as I am with their results, but if you do choose to share them with me, I'd love to hear them!  


jersey_girl said...

If I could vote I would absolutely vote for Obama!

Pilvi said...

I've been meaning to do isidewith for weeks, but I guess I feel too bad about not being able to vote that I don't want to go to a site that'll be a screaming reminder of that...

My husband actually got Jill Stein, too, and was equally surprised. I think you both got her as first choice because as a third party candidate she can have some edge, much more so than the two candidates who try to appeal to almost everyone or anyone. (Well, one of them only to 53 % but still...)

Comedy Central hosted a third party debate last night. I only followed it on twitter - but I do mean to dig up some videos of it too. :) Hosted by Larry King, which might help in googling if you're interested!

Sugar said...

jersey_girl: same here! When he was elected in 2008, I was living in Nebraska and I felt really proud of the nation, even though it's not my own :)

Pilvi: I totally understand that feeling, I so wish I could vote too! I'm glad husband voted though, but who knows if his absentee ballot will count. I'll have to ask husband to do isidewith, I'm curious who he'll get :)
I'll def have to check the video, thanks for the tip!

Jenni said...

I got: 92% Obama, 91% Stein, 81% Anderson (Justice Party), 9% Romney, 96% Democrat, 90% Green and 3% Republican.

In Finland, I'm definitely Green, but I think the reason I don't side up with the Greens here as much as with the Democrats is that the US Greens are a clear left-wing party, whereas the Finnish Greens are actually centrist. Democrats on the other hand are a center-right liberal party on the Finnish standard.

I'm actually surprised Romney & Republicans got such a small percentage for me. Yes, I disagree with them on a lot of issues, but for a candidate that still tries to appeal to half of the nation, that's a pretty tiny percentage.

Sugar said...

Jenni: I've been also voting for Green Party in Finland and you are absolutely right that the parties are not the same than in the U.S.
Honestly, I have no idea why half the nation is voting for republicans, since they only represent a small minority. I believe it's just one of those things that people don't think through. I'm afraid a large amount of voters have no idea what they're voting for (or fail to see to big picture and vote for a single cause) and that causes them to vote against their best interests.

Pilvi said...

I finally caved in an took the isidewith. Not a huge surprise, I got Jill Stein, but I'm surprised I got 94% of agreeing with her. Obama wasn't far behind with 89%. I've never gotten over 85 % for a candidate in a Finnish election quiz. :P My results were a bit weird overall, is it really possible I only agree with 2 % of what Mitt Romney says? Although I guess it would depend on which version of Mitt Romney they took for the quiz. It's all Mittology and Romnesia now. (Yes, I love the clever quibs and word play!)

Sugar said...

Pilvi: haha, I guess the high percentages mean you're in the right country ;) Romnesia :D

Anonymous said...

So what is the "small minority" that Republicans represent? You can't claim that their voter base is just "the top 1%", can you?

Especially in rural areas, it makes sense to vote for a party that promotes small business, and trimming the long claws of the EPA a little, to enable normal country life.

I'll be generalizing a little here, cities go Democrat, and the countryside Republican. They're pretty much 50:50 among decided voters, and independent voters make or break the election for one or the other.

I'd vote Romney if I could. Obama said that if things don't improve, his is a "one term proposition", and that he "inherited a mess from W." He also inherited the greatest nation on Earth, and a great people, who are willing to help where they can, if you give them a chance, in stead of bullying them to do what you want, when you want it.

After Benghazi, and how it was (mis-)handled, it's been harder to have faith in the current leadership's ability to avoid making a worse mess out of themselves. Sorry.

Sugar said...

Penny, welcome to my blog! :) Since we have discussed our differing political views elsewhere, I'll comment just a bit here.

I made no such claim any percentages. But I will stick to my claim that Reps represent the best interests of only a small minority. They don't represent the best interests of women, whom are about half the population. They don't represent the best interest of people with low income, the ones that might at some point of their lives need government assistance. And since almost 60% of Americans will spend at least one year below the poverty line at some point between ages 25 and 75, I'd say that is a significant amount of people whose best interests the Reps do not represent, making the minority even smaller.

While I don't think Democrats are perfect, I do believe they serve the best interest of the nation as a whole, whereas Reps have the best interest of a few in mind. Romney would not the president of the American people, he would only be the president of a minority, the wealthy. As he himself said it's not job his job to worry about 47% of the Americans, doesn't really sound like the president of a whole nation. Obama on the other hand is a president of the entire nation and I'm very proud that Americans made such a choice in 2008 and I feel privileged that I was there to witness it. I'm interested in seeing what choice Americans will make this year.

As stated previously, I would vote for the Democrats, since they bring equality, and I'm a very pro-equality person, whereas Reps would only bring inequality (economically and otherwise) with their policies. I will never be convinced that some of us are not entitled to the same rights as others based on for example our gender, birth place or sexual orientation. We are all created equal.