Wednesday, April 30, 2014

“OMG, I thought you were a total bitch when I first met you!”

So I had a revelation the other day; I suffer from CBF, chronic bitchface. This revelation was brought to me by Buzzfeed's "22 Problems All People With Resting Bitchface Will Understand." I don't in particular like to use the word bitch in this context, but this just hit so close to home I'm just going to accept the term bitchface.
I consider myself a happy person and I believe people who know me do so as well. I laugh a lot and talk a lot, maybe even too much. I almost never get mad, just sad sometimes. But then there's a bunch of people who get the first impression that I'm a "major bitch" without me even saying a single word! Countless times I've hear people say "When I first met you, I though you were a total bitch, but now that I've gotten to know you I know you're not." I've been asked several times what's bugging me, when I'm just deep in thought thinking about, not cookies, but for example some upcoming happy event. I've come to the conclusion I have in fact a resting bitchface, since I certainly don't talk or sound like negative person.
The other day I was taking copies of my passport's biographical page for the spousal visa and realized I even have a resting bitchface in my passport photo! It kinda looks like I'm looking down on whoever is checking my photo :D That made me really self-concious so I checked out a bunch of other photos of me on Facebook. I thought I looked non-bitchy in those at least :D
Maybe this is just cause I'm Finnish and don't have a shiny white, straight set of teeth and sometimes smile without showing my non-pearlywhites? Anyhows, I don't plan on analyzing my resting bitchface too much, just know dear readers, that I really am a nice, friendly person :D
Photo from here
Wishing everyone who celebrates it a very happy Vappu!
I know I'll be smiling today :)

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