Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014! Resolution time!

2013 came and went, way too fast!
I'm glad to bid farewell to 2013, but I'm a little sad I didn't accomplish as much as I had hoped to during it.
Due to some health set backs I haven't finished my MA thesis yet, which I'm really bummed about. I knew it would be hard to work full time and write a thesis, but I didn't plan on the other difficulties :( But, I do hope to get the thesis done by the end of this month. I haven't been able to write much of my MBA thesis either, so my New Year's resolution is to finish both theses!

Tin results 2014: seahorse, small dog and a bigger dog. 
Conclusions: I'm going to Sealife and will be getting two puppies this year, yay! :)

My other New Year's resolution is pretty common; I plan on taking better care of myself. This means more sleep, less stressing over things I have no control over :)  I also want to do some adjustments to my diet; I wish I could promise to give up on sugar candy, but I know I'm too weak to do that. Instead I will add more greens to my diet. I eat plenty of fruits, but I need eat more veggies. I gave up on bread last year, which has worked out great for me, although I do still eat Carelian pastries :) 

As for my other wishes for the brand new year 2014, I really wish we could just put this darn immigration nightmare behind us and move on with our lives. It has now been 8 months since we applied for my IR-1 spousal visa and nothing has really happened since. Our papers have been transferred from one service center to another, so basically from one desk to another, but that's it. Extremely frustrating. Oh well, one more thing I have no control over :)

Did you make any New Year's resolutions? If so, I'd love to hear them!
Wishing everyone a fabulous New Year 2014! :)

p.s One more reminder, take part in the Giveway! Ends tomorrow :)


Leena said...

Hyvää Uutta Vuotta ! Myös omassa tinassa oli pieni koira (siis näin on joka vuosi) - olisikohan viimeinkin aika ottaa koira ? Omiin lupauksiin kuuluu myös - relax - otan stressiä asioista, joihin itse pystyn niin vähän vaikuttamaan.
Toivottavasti ne immigraatio asiat pian selviävät, odottaminen on tylsää, varsinkin kun ei saa juuri mitään väliaikatietoja. Auringon paistetta sinulle ja voimaa haasteelliseen opiskelu + työt yhdistelmään.

Sugar said...

Kiitoksia samoin Leena! Ja kylla olen itse sita mielta, etta on aika ottaa meille kotiin koira tana vuonna, kun kerran tinatkin niin sanoo :) Ihanaa alkanutta vuotta sinnepain!