Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2013

First all, please excuse me for the long absence. It was not really planned, I've just been working, thesisizing and sleeping. But I've had some time for fun as well :)

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival is a summer tradition for me and my high school friends. We've been going to the festival for years and this year was no exception.

Here are some photos of Tuska Open Air 2013:

Here's the lineup, we were there for all three days

So we had these lovely accessories :)

The Festival was held at Suvilahti, Helsinki

Bolt Thrower

We were lucky; the weather was amazing the whole weekend!

The slightly eccentric King Diamond

Our tired festival crew heading home on Friday, although I guess technically it was Saturday already

It was a gorgeous night in Helsinki!

We missed seeing most of the bands of Saturday, since we were hanging around at the beer garden, but here's Testament. 
I remember these guys from when I was in middle school, so they've been around for ages.

Sunday's headliner was without a doubt Nightwish.

All in all an awesome metal-filled weekend, can't wait for next year's Tuska!


Essi said...

Ai että, olen kateellinen! Hienoja kuvia :) Ja jälleen takerrun olennaiseen, mutta ihanat kynnet!!

Sugar said...

Kiitoksia, oli kylla loisto-Tuska taas! Ja kiitoksia myos kynsikommentista :) Minulla kesti kylla vahan aikaa tajuta, etta missa kuvassa ne meikalaisen kynnet nakyy :D