Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

Easter for me has mostly been a religious holiday filled with chocolate eggs :) I've spent most Easters singing at churches, but after lil man was born, I gave up on performing; I simply don't have time to rehearse and don't feel that passionate about singing anymore. I sing a lot of nursery rhymes to lil man though, and I also sing show tunes to my husband just for the fun of it :) 

As I've previously mentioned in this blog, I'm not much of an interior decorator. I don't have the skills or the funds, but that doesn't stop me from trying to create some sort of festive atmosphere at our home. Here's an Easter decorations photo flood, taken with my Blackberry:

Traditional Easter chick

Easter cards!

Lil man doesn't eat chocolate, so these chocolate eggs are for husband and I, courtesy of my Mom actually :)

Snow, please melt away

Inflatable Easter chick, from Nebraska

Glitter Easter eggs...

Husband wants to organize an Easter egg hunt for lil man on Sunday, so we've bought a couple of cardboard-eggs and will fill them with little surprises :)

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!


Mia said...

Ihania paasiaismuistoja!

Sugar said...

Kiitos Mia :)