Thursday, December 27, 2012

December photo a day, 21-28

Second to last photo batch, days 21 to 28, December has gone by in a whiff!

21. tree

Since I already posted a photo of our fake tree, here's my parents' real Christmas tree

22. decoration

This one is from our tree, photo from our Finland wedding

23. joy is...

Seeing lil man enjoy his presents

24. tradition/something you always do

Christmas Eve family dinner, yumyum!

25. lunchtime

Lil man's high chair

26. mess

The mess after opening presents...

27. how you relax

Besides staring at the sea, I relax by reading  harmlessly enjoyable fiction

28. cold

It was -18C yesterday, so pretty cold :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time!

p.s It seems I was a bit early with the 28th photo, sorry about that :D

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