Monday, August 3, 2020

Jane's Island State Park

I haven't posted anything in ages, but I wanted to share some photos and information on Jane's Island State Park in Crisfield, Maryland. We went there last month and it was really challenging to find information on the mini cabins and the park itself before we left.

There are four mini or camper cabins for rent in the state park area; cabins A, B, C and D. All of the cabins have beds for 4 people. Cabins A and B have two bunk beds and cabins C and D have a double bed and one bunk bed. Cabins C and D are pet friendly.

Since we were traveling with our 4 month old puppy, we booked cabin C and I'm so glad we did, since in my opinion it had the best view.

View from the cabin porch.

Cabins D and C. There is a fire ring behind the tree.

Inside Camper Cabin C, the cabins have AC/heating and a ceiling fan.

Small indoor table and four plastic chairs.

Double bed, bring your own sheets.

Bunk bed.

This is the view from the cabin, the sunsets are gorgeous!

The cabins have no running water or bathrooms, but there was a bathhouse a short walk away. Obviously bring flashlights :)

The shower facilities were decent as well.

Since we went there during Covid, the camp store was closed and they were not renting kayaks. However, there was a private company renting kayaks nearby. Firewood was still available for purchase from the camp office using an envelope to deposit money.

All in all we were really pleased with our stay and plan on visiting Jane's Island State Park again later this year, when there's less bugs. There definitely were a lot of june bugs and mosquitoes plus some ticks, so bring your repellents and check your party for ticks in the evenings.

If you are on Instagram, check my account @sugarantelope for more photos.

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