Saturday, September 8, 2012

Visiting the Moomins - a trip to the Moominworld

Husband had a week's vacation from work a couple of weeks ago and we decided to do something fun with our lil man. Since he likes the Moomins, we figured a trip to the Moominworld in Naantali would be in order. We were also being a bit calculative, this is the last summer our lil man gets into Moominworld for free.

Bridge to Moominworld Island. The weather wasn't the best, but despite being overcast, it didn't rain. And the good side was that Moominworld was not completely crowded like it often is.

Checking out the Moomin house from a "Conestoga wagon". Our lil man loved this wagon so much, he didn't want to leave :)

The Moomins doing a Wild West Show. They spoke in three languages Finnish, Swedish and English, which was great for the English-only husband :) All of the actors did converse in multiple languages, if someone didn't reply to Finnish or Swedish, they switched to English.

The Moomin House, which I thought was really well done.

Moominmamma's kitchen inside the Moomin House

Dining room

I loved this wedding portrait!

Lil man checking out Moomin Valley from the house

The Bathing Hut

Hemulen's House, I thought it was adorable!

Moominworld was a delightful experience, although a bit pricey. It was 46e for two adults, under 3 year-olds get in for free. We went there by car and parking would have been 8e, but we found some free parking spots on a nearby street. The food was outrageously priced, but this was to be expected, so we brought our own lunchboxes. Other than that I was pleasantly surprised how well it was done and how good and interactive the actors were. They often came and asked how our lil man was doing etc. We will definitely go again in a few years.

Hope everyone is having the most amazing weekend! :)

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